Christmas Cake Time

Have you made your Christmas cake yet? Around Our Table has a gorgeous Christmas Cake recipe. It is even better dowsed with brandy over the weeks before Christmas. The time is perfect right now to get your cake made.

Here is a little tip for you when it comes to cooking your Christmas cake. Because most Christmas cakes quite dense, these need to be cooked low and slow (at a lower temperature and for longer than most cakes) To help prevent your cake from browning too much around the outside edges, you can wrap the outside of the tin with a couple of layers of newspaper. This will help keep the tin from heating too much and then browning and drying out the outer of your cake. To do this fold up a page of newspaper to the height of your tin and wrap around the cake. you may need a couple of pages to get around the whole cake if its a big one. Then to hold this in place wrap around the tin a couple of times with string and tie tight. You will then be good to go.


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