They say sharing food is an important ritual where families, friendships and communities are built and strengthened. In this busy world it’s easy to take for granted who we are and this incredible place we live in. We are New Zealand, and we are wonderfully individual, and yet uniquely connected.

Our cookbook showcases our similarities and celebrates our differences and is just one of many inspirations we can use to nurture and sustain our families, our friendships and our communities. Think of the joy that comes from sharing good times and great food with friends and family. Sometimes it’s the simple things that give us the most pleasure.

We hope that you recognise some familiar recipes - and maybe even be encouraged to try some new ones. We hope the recipes in this book rekindle memories and inspire you to continue to enjoy and support the unique, intricate connections between us all. Great food is not just about nourishment.

All our sales will go towards the rebuild of our beloved Puahue Community Hall, so that is can be enjoyed for many more decades by the school and other local community groups.

We are so lucky to live in this a remarkable community - let’s keep it thriving for our younger generation. Be kind, support get to know each other, connect, nourish and enjoy!

spaghetti bolognese from our school fundraiser cookbook

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